Rachel Marie Burgess

I am inspired by the beauty in the world, and it gives me the ambition and motivation to follow my dreams. I make the most of what life
has to offer me and regret nothing. I am trying to change the world, and I believe that nobody can hold me back, I have too
many ambitions and dreams to fulfill. I carve my own path in life and it's going to be a ride but I'm excited to share the beauty that I
experience with everyone I meet along the way

                          "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."

                         "I am no ordinary woman.. my dreams come true."

​​As a child, Rachel loved to read books and write short stories. As she got older, Rachel began to realize she loved bringing stories to life and wanted to take these stories from words on a page to live action on a screen. She slowly began to work herself into an acting career, and when she was 10, she discovered her passion for music. She began taking trumpet lessons, maintaining the title of 1st chair, section leader since the age of 11. Since then, she has performed countless NYSSMA solos, and performed for All State and All County.  The little musical star has also taught herself piano, guitar, bass, percussion, clarinet, and trombone.

​But she didn't stop there. Rachel grew up around West Point, NY, just an hour from New York City. "When I was around 12, a family friend left me alone with her niece and nephew and I remember them saying, 'Let's watch RENT!' That was the moment everything changed. From the opening number, Seasons of Love, to the moment where La Vie Boheme came on where my friends got up and performed the number on a table, to the end, I was in love. I knew that's what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be...performing for people on stage and on TV..." Since then, Rachel has seen numerous Broadway shows, and while in High School, was an avid participant in both the Drama and Music departments.

​Flash forward 3 years, Rachel is now in her 3rd year of college, majoring in Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology, Psychology, and Math, starting at the University of Colorado Boulder, and then transferring to a university in California. When asked why she's here and what she wants to do, you can feel nothing but inspiration. "You grow up your whole life wanting to be something... someone. You have a dream. But for me I always had 2... Heart Surgeon and actress. I've spent so much of my life pursuing one dream, and I don't have the same passion for it as I do acting. I've moved a lot and have never felt more like I am in the right place. I want to change the world, I want to wake up each and every single day doing what I love, and I want to inspire people along the way to fight for what they believe is right... And to believe. Believe in dreams....love...and themselves."

Having only been in LA a short amount of time, she has already filmed for two pilots and worked with Anna Kendrick in her recent music project, directed by Jason Moore. Within minutes of meeting Rachel, people have been inspired and have no doubt that she will make it far in this world. Along with acting, music, and school, Rachel is also a phenomenal artist, a talented snowboarder and has played lacrosse, basketball, soccer, and tennis.

“I grew up in a family and town where I was taught to love and to never be held back because someone says you’re not good enough. I was taught to dream, believe, and give back with everything I have, and that’s what I am trying to do. I have been bullied; I really want to show kids and adults alike, that they’re not alone. With acting, I’m given an opportunity to do what I love every day and to give back 100x more than I can right now, I’ll have a voice, and can show kids on a bigger scale they’re not alone and it’s okay to be them. I’m not going to give up, hopefully you won’t either.” – Rachel Marie Burgess

Located in NY and CA

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